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Friday, February 24, 2017

Round Robin Challenge: Your Mission,Should You Choose To Accept It

A Fun-Filled culinary challenge from Toy Break and

     This May be considered kind of a companion post to the one from The Toy Box(link in links section below) He reviewed wine so it's time for me to cut review the cheese.

     Marvel Avengers Hero Twists are as stated on the package, "A GOOD SOURCE OF CALCIUM & PROTEIN" they are low-moisture, part-skim and for some reason(despite only being Mozzarella string cheese)have an added yellow color to appear as if they are a mix of cheddar and mozzarella. The flavor and Texture are good, what I look for in a mozzarella. This is a product made by Schreiber foods of Wisconsin. The memory of some Mozzarella I got years and years ago in the bay area around Monterrey is the gold-standard that I judge all mozzarella against, and this cheese is not a disgrace, although it doesn't have quite the depth of flavor of that long-ago cheese. the package is 10 ounces, 12 sticks. All in all a very acceptable snack. BUT...

     We don't buy a licensed product for the taste, we buy it for the connection to our icon and our nostalgia. So to individually review each of the Avenger cheeses, I have to take them character by character. We buy this for the play, if we are adults, to remember our childhoods, For the licensing side, these were interesting. The artwork was a hybrid of movie and comic versions of the characters.  Presentation was good, representation also good. The heavy emphasis on Cap and Iron Man, plus the addition of the Black Panther places these in line with Civil War marketing

  • Black Widow-I was hoping for two of these, to wield like her batons. My roommate didn't understand why I was hitting her with a cheesestick. 
  • Iron Man-three Iron Man Cheese sticks were not nearly enough to build a suit. I Settled for flattening them into an Arc Reactor
  • Captain America-there were three Captain America sticks in the package, and I formed them into a crude shield. When I slung it at the wall, it did not bounce back neatly into my hand. It actually kind of came apart. 
  • Hulk-This didn't make me feel any stronger or more indestructible, but I didn't feel any angrier, either. Truly, as Edward Norton said in The Incredible Hulk, "Don't make me Hungry"
  • Thor-Couldn't lift it. Someday someone worthy is going to come along and wonder why I just left it.
  • Black Panther- Same as with the Hulk- eating it did not make me faster, or more agile.zapparently it's just cheese, not imbued with the heart shaped herb of Wakandan lore
  • Ant-Man-A surprisingly large stick of cheese, considering
  • Hawkeye- try as I might, I could not fire this cheesestick from my 65lb draw longbow. See also: how I broke my left arm. 

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  • The Toy Box brought the elegant. All we need now is a loaf of bread and thou. 


  1. I did not expect them to be individually hero-ized!For a cheese themed post ,It wasn't at all cheesy.Great review :)

  2. That's really cool packaging, and who would have thought that cheese could be used in such a versatile way.

  3. Cool review and the hero wrappers look awesome!

  4. My kids love these along with the Frozen variety of cheese snacks. Always a win when putting them in the lunch boxes!