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Monday, February 6, 2017


An award-winning challenge from Alexis' Universe and
And the Nominees are...

  • The Harry Potter Saga
  • The entire Marvel Cinematic Universe 
  • The Transformers Live Action Franchise
  • The Lord of the Rings movies series et al
  • Watchmen
     The Harry Potter Saga suffers from some cuts and casting choices that in my opinion make it fall short. It's an excellent adaptation of the books, but there is too much material there to capture in a cinema form movie- I almost feel like they would be better served to have done it as a 7 year series on TV or netflix. It's about 85% perfect. 

     The Marvel Cinematic Universe is a staggering achievement, and remains faithful to the characters and origins, while updating them to be relevant today. As with Harry Potter, there are some cuts and casting decisions that make this fall short of being the best. Call it 88% perfect, which leaves it just 12% off.

     The Transformers Live Action Franchise. Decisions good and bad were made on this, I'm not a Bay-ter(Bay-hater) by any means, but there are legitimate complaints to be made about mis-characterized and weirdly amalgamated autobots and decepticons that cause this to fall short.There seems also to be little cohesion or big plan to the story arc, just a sense of lets do this movie and figure out how to fit it to the other movies after most of it is made. As much as I love to watch the films, I have to rule this at 55% as an adaptation. 

     Side note: Did you know that 84% of statistics are made up on the spot? Did you know that they can make you post sound 94% more scientific and authoritative?

     The Lord of the Rings, including three parts of the Hobbit. Make no mistake- this is a masterpiece- born out of Peter Jacksons long time love for the saga, the casting decisions and choices are near perfect. there are cuts, missing characters, added characters, and even additions to the story that seem odd, but the overall effect gives this a solid 90% perfect for me. Unfortunately...when it comes to this challenge, that SHALL NOT PASS! Fly, you fools!

     For me, the winner has to go to Watchmen, for two important reasons. The main reason is because the visual style that director Zack Snyder brings to the table not only perfectly replicates scenes from the book, while keeping the flavor of a world on the edge of madness- a world where fear of masked vigilantes and the looming threat of Doctor Manhattan has kept Richard Nixon in office long past his second term. The second reason is due to my snark reflex: Alan Moore hates it, and would never see it. nuff said. 95% perfect. 

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  1. Good choices you have though I cannot comment on the winner. As weird as it sounds (especially since I own it) I have never seen the movie, not once. lol. The 3 hour time is what held me back originally, now its Snyder. lol.

  2. Watchmen Is pretty awesome.A totally different superhero experience.