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Sunday, October 28, 2012

League Assignment: Halloween Traditions in the Burrow

     Halloween Traditions, we have a few. We don't really costume, not any more, but I do like to hit the costume stores and aisles and see the trends. There is lots and lots of Spiderman and Avengers this year, a long with some odd-ball ones I would not expect...Scooby Doo? To me, the costumes reflect what is on the minds of the general public, and Scooby seems a little too "classic" right now.

     The second tradition is to check out the decorations, and we have a couple of folks in the area who not only pull out all the stops but pump the pedals furiously while doing so, and hit every key. There is a house a couple of miles away where his entire yard is an animated dance routine of multiple dummies, zombies, pirates, Freddy Krueger, and you-name-it monsters. One of my friends who reads this blog comes in a close gruesome second, and I need to see both displays before the 31st

     The Third thing is seasonal movies. Sam and I love to watch the scary ones, even the ones that aren't intended to be. These are Ghost and Monster movies, not Serial Killer ones. Sam likes those for Valentines day...don't ask. This year has been a quiet one for us, in terms of all of these, too much stress going on, too little money coming in, but I have missed these, and I hope we pick up again next year. We did manage to watch and podcast TrollHunter, The Perfect Host, and Death of a Ghosthunter, and that last one will be up within 24 hours

Monster Cafe is starting a new tradition

Branded in the 80's makes Halloween last all month long

Geek Till it Hurts takes his movie marathon more seriously than I take mine

Same with That Figures- they both SHAME ME. he even Sequeled his post!

Dead Man Dan calls up memories of my Childhood

Rediscover the 80's reminds us that no mere mortal can resist...the evil of the THRILLER...

Whatever I think of is all about Candy Corn and Karaoke

The Man Who Stares at Toys also Stares at Halloween decorations

Talk Star Wars to Me has some great real world tips on DIY costumes

AEIOU and Sometimes Why has a really big black cat in his yard...

Henchgirl talks about movie marathons and old family traditions

Are you there god it's me Generation X has a day of the dead parade

Team Hellions likes Complementary Costumes with his lady

and Cool and Collected loves the Cox Farms Fall Festival

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