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Monday, October 8, 2012

League Assignment:Hallowe'en Costume Ideas

  This week’s assignment for the League: Halloween Costume Ideas

     I spent some time thinking about this(and getting it in just under the wire) and I was sad to realize that I don't really remember any of my costumes from Childhood. My mom has pictures, but none of the costumes I wore for Hallowe'en really stand out as solid memories. I have a vague memory of hearing my breath through a plastic mask. Feeling hot and uncomfortable. I remember my Nephews, and the year we made a robot costume for one of them (dryer vent tubing and a cardboard box...and silver paint)

     That's not to say I don't costume. I love to costume, and try to find any number of excuses to do so. Renaissance Faires, conventions...wanting to feel a little get the picture. I do remember one year I went out to a Hallowe'en party as an adult during a year when i wasn't seeing anyone. I took my longbow, my leather back-quiver, my moccasin boots, my laced up shirt, and my thick wool cloak. now, this party was indoors, and I recall this particular October as being possibly too warm for that cloak. That and there was a ton of drinking (not much of a drinker, never have been) and a pretty girl in a similar costume gave me a fake number...

     What would I do now for a costume? I still have some ren-faire gear that fits me, even at my current girth, but I like the idea I came up with last year, that I didn't use. dress in my normal clothes, and get a piece of cardboard. Write on the cardboard: "OCCUPY ___________'S Party"

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