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Saturday, October 20, 2012

League Assignment: A Visit to the Kent's Guest Room

     I thought long and hard about this. I've wanted to visit a lot of fictional places. some of them I have even had a hand in creating (during my years of Role-play gaming). so where to visit? Almost anywhere you go in any pop culture universe has it's own inherent hazards. From the New York of Marvel, where anywhere you park your car it is guaranteed to be used as a weapon/casualty in a super-powered conflict, to the town of Pleasantville, where the very blandness is itself a threat. As threats go, I know to avoid any old cars or large dogs in Maine,

     There are an incredible number of Distinct Destinations, such as a trip to Hogwarts, a far-off locale like Eternia for a tour by Wind-Raider, A full Horror Movie Pilgrimage with ghostbusters gear on hand, or a trip across multiple famous planets at FTL speed . If I had a chance to visit my younger self, I would give myself some darn good advice to ignore. If I had the opportunity to "return" to the future...well, I'm thinking lottery numbers might be a good thing to pick up. All you would need would be a good travel agent with a useful room to get you there.

     I spent ten years watching Smallville (don't judge) and I tend to revisit there a lot (ditto). I like the character growth from awkward youth to man of steel that Clark exhibits, and all of the wrong turns along the way.

     My visit to Smallville began when I was run off the road in the middle of the night by some lunatic. I bumped my head pretty good, but when the farmer and his son helped pull me out of the car, I'm pretty sure the kid pushed the car back onto the road himself. No way he lifted it...uh uh. What the hell do they feed these farm kids, anyway? Anyway, they introduce themselves as Jonathan and Clark Kent. my car is leaking oil, and it's raining, so they offer to help me get it towed and a place to stay until I find out what it will take ot fix it. The Kents put me up in their guest room. In the morning Martha Makes pancakes

     In the Morning, Johnathan asks me where I was going, I tell him "Metropolis, I guess." and at his questioning look, I end up spilling the whole story, about the mess my life has become. We both lean our arms on the split rail fence, and he starts talking. For a man who looks like he should have a bright orange Dodge charger hidden somewhere on the farm, this guy can knock an inspirational speech out of the park. I feel a lot better after talking to him...until I hear about my civic. The oil pan is dinged, and I'm going to be here a few days. Amazingly, this family takes me in. It also turns out they know the car that ran me off the road (small towns, eh?) and "it's not like him to drive off from an accident". They take me over to speak to the driver of the car.

     Not sure what's going on, but Clark suddenly looks like he has the flu as we approach the drivers house. He's sweating, shaky, and I suddenly don't want him breathing on me. Jonathan tells him to go back to the car and he starts looking better. The Driver of the car that hit me doesn't answer his door, and the Kents call the sheriff out to take a look. Sheriff Adams is a no-nonsense kind of person, and finds that the driver of the car is dead when she investigates. She does make an odd comment about the Kents always being around when this type of thing happens.
     I was mad about my car, but now I feel bad, guy was probably in incredible pain when he ran me off the road. They don't have any idea why he died. Probably did not help that he had a house full of green rocks though...hoarder? Who knows? I'm tempted to pick up a rock, but...crime scene.

          We drive back to the Kents farm, and Clark offers to take a look at my car. He comes out and says he was able to fix the oil pan, and it wasn't as bad as we thought. My little civic is ready to go, in fact it's running a lot better than it was. Clark is one heck of a mechanic, plus he managed to get his farm chores done in record time... I do feel like I got some perspective on this trip, and I am ready to turn around and get my life back on track. So I stay one more night, for a pancake breakfast in the morning. Something about being around this family just seemed to straighten out my thinking ...wonder if I can get them to adopt me?

     It's odd to think that it's so nice here in Smallville when that tragedy happened to the Winchester family in Lawrence, KS, not so very far away!

3Bs visited Springfield
Movie Hodge Podge visited Q's lab for some Swag
Dead Man Dan(of Flying Monkeys) was a long distance call away from me in Gotham(and I never even knew!)
and we can only hope Cool and Collected will make it back from his trip to see some dinosaurs to do a final post for this week!

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