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Saturday, October 20, 2012

League Extra Credit...? In the Sunny Streets of Ankh-Morpork

     You ever Publish, and feel like it just fell Flat? Like what you just wrote lacked the punch you started with? To combat that feeling, I delayed my trip home long enough to stop in Colorful Ankh-Morpork!

     I thought I was going to have to convert my currency to postage stamps, but as it turns out they have newly minted paper money now! I headed down to the Street of Cunning Artificers to pick up some dwarven crafts, but stopped to pick up a meal from a sausage-in-a-bun vendor. The next thing I knew, I was green, shaking and being woken from a horrible nightmare by a troll constable(which would be considered a horrible nightmare by some as well)

     I checked my available money, found that it had wandered away, which didn't concern the constable nearly as much as the fact that I didn't receive a receipt for the theft, he ushered me back to the station house at Pseudopolis Yard, where I was questioned by The Captain (a magnificent looking fellow) who seemed amused that the amount of money I reported missing stayed the same even under repeated questioning. I was ushered to the watch commander, where I repeated my story. He muttered something about "Non credas homini honesto" and assured me that the full apathy of the watch would be focused on retrieving my $20. He offered me a Cigar, which I declined. He then loaned me $50 to send me on my way, and advised me that "a wise Man would give Mr. Dibblers cart a miss next time."

     I'm still not sure why I attracted the attention of the Patrician. All I know is that I was informed that I had an appointment to see him, and was assured, yes, I did in fact have such an appointment. He informed me that my money was actually taken by a beggar named Foul Ole Ron, and if I were  wise man, I would not actually want it back, as it would by now be far more fragrant than I left it. I started to protest and he said "Bugrit, Bugrit, Mr. Badger. Bugrit, and Possibly Millenium Hand and Shrimp as well" I was then told not to hesitate to leave, which I took as a hint...

     I never did make the Street of Cunning Artificers. I'll have to hit there when I stop by to pay Mr. Vimes back his $50

Other League members took vacations too

Yelinna of Travelling Pics was there at the same time
JoeADay visited Cobras Silent Castle
3Bs visited Springfield
Movie Hodge Podge visited Q's lab for some Swag
Dead Man Dan(of Flying Monkeys) was a long distance call away from me in Gotham(and I never even knew!)
and we can only hope Cool and Collected will make it back from his trip to see some dinosaurs to do a final post for this week!


  1. We can go together for a nice walk in Ankh Morpork, Yeah! (well, as long as we avoid going into The Shades)

  2. thanks for sharing.