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Sunday, December 1, 2013

A Time of Tanksgiving

    Beginning a series of Themes amongst my collection- this is me, saying

as always- watch out for hidden easter egg links 
and that's all, right?
Missed Brawl...Dammit

HailStorm and Bludgeon from the movie line- Hailstorm has a special memory for me-
 My father picked him for me two christmases ago when he bought toys for "his boys"
My brother, brother in law and nieces husband were baffled by theirs...

Megatron and Megatron
it is said that when a man with a katana meets a man with a fusion cannon, the man with the katana is a dead man...
from "A Fistful of Energon"

Blam! Zowie!
Blew my Smoke on a sunny day, when the first Black Powder came my way...


Skullgrin and Blitzwing
good god, Y'all
What is it good for?

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