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Sunday, December 8, 2013

The March of Prime

     Continuing my Themes, here is Evolution, Cybertron Style, Courtesy of Darwi-Trion the theorist

Whatever your feelings about the theory of evolution in humans, Cybertronian evolution is provable, demonstrable, and constant to overcome new environments or challenges

The theory goes that Evolution was forced on the quiet, non-aggressive
Cybertroni Orionpaxi
He developed a thicker Skin, an extra axle for greater traction and stability,
and increased offensive capabilities as Optimus Primus Bellum Cybertroni

renowned for his toughness and his ability to turn water into energon,
the steam-powered Optimus Primus Equitesferreis is also known for his shuffling madness

in order to adapt to a huge budget live action movie, he became
Optimus Primus Bayformi Peterbilti

and shortly thereafter evolved into the slightly more graceful and faster
Optimus Primus Freightliner Primeanimati

but when near fatal injuries forced him to evolve again,
he evolved into a much thicker and stronger form,
Optimus Primus Impetumdolori

Finally, what may be close to the ultimate form for me
(at least in terms of voyager sized)
is Optimus Primus Ideedublucomoedumlibro Figueroa

a good size comparison between Orion Pax and Optimus Prime
no steroids were involved , just the matrix of leadership

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