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Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Transformers Prime Part the Second

Continued from part 1

    We continue on with the toys, hitting the autobots we have not yet gotten to. Only one First Edition Autobot left to go, but he is a doozy

First Edition Optimus Prime voiced by the one and only Peter Cullen
the engineering on this one is not quite as crazy as bulkheads but still
quite innovative. The small "backpack" of his grill just winds up looking
 like heavier armor rather than looking cluttered

Wheeljack, voiced by James Horan...not your fathers Wheeljack.
Cynical, tough, and a lone wolf, he was one of the wreckers in this particular
storyline, and shows up in the episode "Con Job", returns in "Loose Cannons"
but doesn't actually join Team Prime until Season 3; His toy is not FE, but it could be.
Excellent engineering, good show likeness and nothing wasted; he comes with a pair of vicious
swords in terms of weapons, and he rarely needs more, but loves grenades

Later in season 2, in the episode "Recruit" we get to meet Smoke Rod Hot Screen
Screenimus Prime Smokescreen voiced by Nolan North. I Would really like to like his
 toy more than I do, but I have some issues with it. the same "false chest" problem as we see
with Ratchet, a completely "bare frame" back where the pieces that fold onto the bottom of his arms
might have been used instead, and shoulder joints that as often as not pop out
rather than fall into his rather fiddly transformation. He's a good looking figure from the front, but
a living nightmare to move from one mode to another

Early in season 3, we get Ultra Magnus, Voiced by Michael
Ironside, and he is by the books and follow the regs all the way.
his toy is based not on the FE version of Optimus Prime, but on the RID
 version instead, with a new head, chest, and shoulders. the weapon he comes with is
the forge of Solus Prime. Almost every toy of Ultra Magnus has been a re-mold
or a repaint of Optimus Prime, but this one is by far my favorite (until he gets a good
mold of his own)

And coming up in part 3-a season 1 overview

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