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Saturday, December 7, 2013

League Assignment: Christmas Wish List

     I would have to divide my list into the impractically practical, the straight impractical, and the probably impossible so lets get the prosaic and practical out of the way and speak of it no more.

  • a windfall, in the form of lottery or something else to set me up comfortably for the rest of my life, so I can work for the fun, without feeling the fear
  • Body Rejuvenation by mechanical, scientific, or magical means-knock me back about 15 years with what I know now...
  • the Hasbro Big Millennium Falcon-it's out of my price range(in that there are other things I need or prefer to spend that money on), and I have nowhere to keep it, but it sure would be nice to have the larger one over my old Kenner version.
  • Project Uranos- I would love to have an update to Superion, but can't justify over $500 in cost on my current budget
  • IGear's Conair Forward and Rear Guard- love the look, can't justify them in the budget with other things I want more
  • Dispensor- pretty sure no one will ever make him, which is a damn shame. I would buy the hell out of that one, at deluxe or scout size
  • the Transformation Cog for my Honda
  • The sense of anticipation and disappointment from the Christmases of my youth- Sam is still appalled and amused at my tale of having asked for an item from the catalog(probably J C Penney) which was a boxed set of "dogs of the world"-dog action figures with 6 points of articulation(legs, head, tail) and weighing and measuring the package under the tree, and cross-matching it scientifically against the catalog description. In my defense, I was sick as hell with strep throat at the time, and wanted a quick high feeling. I doubt I will ever feel the same kind of anticipation again for any gift as I did when I was nine or ten and waiting for my own personal incarnation of the Red Ryder BB Gun

And with wishes that my cohorts get what they wish for...

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