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Sunday, August 10, 2014

League Assignment: Top 10 G1 Update Figures


  These are from my collection, and my rules: the figure has to improve on the original G1 figure in detail and articulation, while keeping with the spirit of the the Generation 1 Cartoon

WARNING- the might not all be Has/Tak-remember: MY RULES(which are discussed here)

  • 10: Generations Cliffjumper-not so true the the cartoon, but very true to the character, and I love the figure

  • 9: Generations Legends Swerve-no real world analog truck, but he's JUST FUN

  • 8: Generations Legends Cosmos-goofy green flying saucer

  • 7: MP12 Masterpiece Sideswipe- great, but there are characters I love more

  • 6: Reveal the Shield Special Ops Jazz- he's just excellent-he almost manages to be the original Porsche

  • 5: Transformers United Autobot Tracks- the US version hood paint just doesn't cut it

  • 3: Generations Spinger- and yes, hes a triple changer

  • 2: IGear PP05w weapons specialist "Ironhide"- he has every gun in the world

  • 1: MP10 Masterpice Optimus Prime-this is the big guy in all his glory, with Trailer and Roller

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