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Sunday, August 24, 2014

the Rules of Drop Club

     The first rule of drop club is that you need a bird and a human. The bird drops, the human fetches what is dropped

     The second rule is...all birds know this game. Some may not play, or some may play it horizontally rather then vertically

     The third rule is: Humans misunderstand this game, they think it is fetch, and the bird fetches for the human. This is entirely backwards.

     The fourth rule is: the bird drops the object, the human picks up the object, so it may be dropped again. Anything else is a misaprehension of the rules

     The fifth rule is: the object MUST hit the floor- catching it as it falls is CHEATING. Putting it back without it hitting the floor, or worse, dropping it yourself is a PERVERSION of all that is right and avian

     The sixth rule is that the game goes on as long as the bird is amused. The human does not have getting bored as an option


  1. What happens when the human doesn't follow the rules?

  2. a look of Censure