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Monday, February 1, 2016

Rube Goldberg and Angry Birds

     Let me start this off by saying no birds were injured in the production of this post.

     So Rube Goldberg drew horrifically, comically complicated machines for doing simple things. For example:

In the case of my morning, I Lifted out Tango's water dish, which pulled loose the clip that holds it. I tried to set the clip down without spilling the water, which caused Wallace to startle and land on Cappy's cage. Cappy Immediately rushed to protect his cage, causing he and Wallace to fight. Causing me to dump the water in Tango's dish. On them. Causing them to re-prioritize their Immediate needs, causing three birds to go off in five directions(Tango got spooked off my shoulder).

Yarr! Stand by to repel Boarders!

     Birds score- two Damp, three fled, three disgruntled.

     Cappy has had a major turnaround in his boundaries, letting me mess with his beak, touch his back a little, and grabbing my fingers with his claws(nicely, not in a rip-you-asunder kind of way). He even stepped up once, and is being a lot more sociable. He is still going to protect his turf tho. He's also added a few more sounds but no definite words yet.

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