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Saturday, February 20, 2016

Diversionary Toys

     Part of the fun of the original G1 Bots was that some of them were not just soldiers, or medics, or scientists. Some of them had some odd, random special abilities. Windcharger, for instance, could control magnetic fields. Ironhide could emit various liquids from his fingertips or nozzles on his wrists

     I have talked before about Smokescreen. TF Prime turned him into a brash young hero A La Hot Rod, who made his entrance detonating a large quantity of spilled energon and wiping out a group of decepticon attackers with his tactics. G1 Smokescreen was a lot less dynamic, but what he had was smoke: nasty looking, oily, magnetic smoke that would cling to enemy transformers while he blasted them with circuit scrambling lasers. Smokescreen wasn't exactly a role model, being a liar, a cheat and an inveterate gambler, sort of an all around Mr. Bad Example, but like all the Autobots, he was there for the liberation of Cybertron.
Not passing emissions in this state, or any other.

     Hound is the opposite. A good natured soul, who sees Earth as beautiful, along with all it's inhabitants- he would love to forego war and be human- or at least interact with the earth the way that we do. Hound was created with the ability to create Holograms, which aids in disguise, and once allowed him to fake the destruction of himself and a group of other autobot prisoners

if you seek peace, prepare for war

     Third in our trio of distracting tacticians is Mirage. Mirage is a holdover from before the war, when Cybertronians were heavily caste and class based- Mirage was a big shot. and he would prefer that Autobots and Decepticons just bury the hatchet and get along, and behave like civilized beings. Since that is not happening, however, Mirage is sworn to the Autobot cause. Thanks to his abilities to either render himself invisible or to appears to be somewhere other than where he is, he is a master of stealth and misdirection

note the holographic "driver". his alt mode may not be exactly subtle, or even street legal
but he makes up for it in other ways

Just kidding- I don't think he's in the shot right now...?

Tango really wanted to be on daddy's shoulders, but he consented to be in shot this time

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