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Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Civic Responsibility

     All about keeping my Aging Honda on the road. Well, maybe not all. But Part two of the Honda Civic Trilogy.

     I got new lenses with wiring off of Ebay. they look nice- I didn't necessarily want to replace what I had but I'm happy with what I got.

     Then one day I am driving along, I note that my mirror(driver side) is out of adjustment. I adjust, something pops, and the lever that adjusts the mirror is now moving freely and not adjusting anything except my attitude...downward. to the darker end of the spectrum. so I can stick my hand out and push the mirror into place and it will stay, for a time of it's own choosing. Think of a random number between when I stop watching it and not long enough. so I run back to Ebay beginning of December, and buy an aftermarket driver's side mirror, and install it on the next reasonably warm day. So now, two mirrors, working tail lights, and emissions to do.

     This past Saturday, I head down to air care Colorado and am 3rd in line at 7:30 AM for their 8AM opening.

     I'm going to pause here and say to the person who started the rumor that you could take a bag of clean exhaust from a Prius and slip them an extra $5 to test that instead...

     Well, you are a liar, and a bad person, and it is NOT TRUE

     But...flying colors for my Honda, yet again. He's clean enough for Denver.

     Oh, and to the person who made up the story that there was a rumor that you can have them test a bag of Prius exhaust... well, you probably think you are pretty funny.

    It was me, and I do. No one ever made up that rumor. It's just a rumor of a rumor, or maybe a metarumor. And I do think I am funny.

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