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Monday, May 12, 2014

Are These Steady Posts For Real, or just a SMOKESCREEN

     Another of the Autobots I never had...I had Bluestreak, the all silver version, and the roof of his car mode broke off, not long after I got him. This was a common issue with that toy...I think you should know by now that I tend to be careful with my toys.

     Digressing tho; Smokescreen, never had him, never interested, and then Transformers Prime gave us a new take on the character. He was not G1 Smokescreen, but my imagination was fired as to what a character with Diversionary Tactics could be like. And I started to want the masterpiece...I started to want it a lot

 He is very Bright colored, Primaries all the way

 Patriotic, at least for the US, and wearing the form of a Nissan(Datsun) 280ZX

 With Armaments on top, which is probably even more patriotic

 Bluestreak(who is not very blue) and Smokescreen

and just Prowl to go...

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