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Monday, March 14, 2016

Living in De-Nile

     Sam and I went to see Gods of Egypt yesterday-

The movie is getting mixed reviews, but both Sam and  I liked it-

  • it was a good, diverting Fantasy action film
  • it had a set of rules, and stayed consistent to it's rules
  • it had a set of myths which it stayed consistent to
  • it had a consistent design
  • it was a good example of the Hero's journey
  • good effects, and just a lot of fun

     I found myself, at the moment of the Hero, Horus- when he is humbled from an arrogant fool into a man who cares -thinking "and now he is worthy to wield Mjolnir..." so closely did the scene echo the one in Thor

     So the Brass tacks- the story takes place in a pre-history Egypt, where the gods walk among men, and the world is a flat disc, with Egypt on one side and the world of the dead on the other- I could see it as a world before our world. A world where all the myths of the Egyptian Gods are reality rather than myth. the gods are not Immortal, just incredibly long lived. The gods are about twice the height of mortals, and gold runs through their veins. 

     I'm not going too spoilery on you. I think you would be pleasantly surprised with the film. I'm going to link the trailer here, and let you decide to see it or no.

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