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Sunday, April 30, 2017

Fembots 2017

      Two years ago I posted about female autobots- the circle has expanded a little so I present Many Girls and Two Kups for your enjoyment
This is Transformers Prime Kup

With Strongarm, and Windblade from RID and Prime Arcee

The new Titans Return Kup
With MMC Arcee and Elita 1

With Generations Chromia and Windblade

With Titans Return Nautica and Generations Arcee

I think I like this use of the mold more than the original RID Arcee

I love this use of the very popular Blurr mold, too


  1. They look better than the male transformers.

  2. is that the MMC R-09 Eupatorium Reformatted ?

    1. It is she. I missed the salvia prominion, keep watching for a second run of her