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Monday, April 24, 2017

The Mythical Wave 4

     Back when Toyfair was going on, we heard of Wave 4 of Titans Return but it was starting to look like it was never going to arrive- the same fate that hit Windchargers wave of RTS toys seemed to be in full force- retailers glutted with earlier waves and waiting on movie toys.

     And then from the east, a rumor came that Walgreens was getting the deluxes. Some of the wave showed up here in Colorado, but it was only the remolds, Krok and Quake.

     And then Hop arose: The Chosen Prime got them in stock the day after my fiftieth birthday. I ordered and got them Monday the 17th. I'm going to show you what to watch out for or this wave might hit you...BROADSIDE.
Broadside becomes a wonky plane
and an aircraft carrier- he comes with miniature aerialbots but I haven't put them on

     Interestingly enough, Broadsides number marks him as an Essex class Aircraft Carrier called the USS Antietam Which was decommissioned in 1963 and scrapped in 1974

     I ended up getting Brawn from China via Ebay and a slow boat. Very happy with him, and happy Hasbro came up with an official release to match Igear's offering.

     And here is Percceptor, but lets take a closer look:

The dial I am pointing at with my gnarled and Parrot-bitten hand...

Focuses the lens. it's a working(though not very powerful) microscope

     Topspin manages to look G1 with all the articulation we have come to expect. his transform is highly innovative. My preference is to combine the weapons.

     Kup is a little boxy, but still looks very G1 in both forms. I Love the double-pistols. He ended up supplanting my generations version. For some reason, I put Brawn in here for a size comparison.

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  1. Was never a big fan of Transformers, but have to admit that these capture the spirit of G1 well.