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Saturday, April 1, 2017

Round Robin Challenge : Post a Pic Of Your Most Eccentric Action Figure!

     A Challenge from Toy Break and

     The problem here is how do I with a mind that might be accurately described a a bubble or two off of plumb define eccentric? definitions vary, to say the least. I asked my roommate and she pinpointed the Bo'marr Monk from my Star Wars Collection, because he's a brain controlling a robot spider, and I can see the point in that. He's weird, a little lovecraftian in nature.

     I thought of Generations Swerve, with his weird history as an exclusive Promo for Chevy dealers for people taking a test drive in an Aveo and his relationship to no known transformers continuity

     I could go with my Stikfas, that are great toys but don't go with anything else I own. These innovative toys from Singapore are a favorite but they don't have any fiction to attach to them, leaving them faceless and without identity

     But despite all those worthy contenders, I think I am gonna have to go with this...thing.

     Dunno where I got it, Dunno what company it comes from... it's sort of like a Godzilla KO, but I have had it since childhood, It has Translucent plastic eyes, almost like it;s intended to light-pipe, a hollow body like it is intended as part of another thing. I have tried it as a sort of hand-puppet, or shined a flashlight into it, with no satisfying results on either. Some days I want to know where this came from, and what else was intended, and some days I just want him to stay the two-point articulation mystery that he is.

Other Eccentric toys

  • Toy Break Gives us Kermit the Frog and the Raiders of the Lost Gonzo
  • 20 Years Before 2000 Has a fugitoid with a backstory and no one-armed mutant


  1. That thing Is hideous!I think you made the perfect choice :)

  2. Just wanted to give you a heads up that a new RR Challenge has been posted to
    BTW that lizard guy is AWESOME!