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Saturday, September 1, 2012

Confuse it Forward

     So, Sam and I are out to grab a bite to eat again, this time at Del Taco. Sam is not very hungry, and orders something unusual- three orders of fish tacos worth of cabbage and sauce, but no fish, and no corn tortilla- Basically a kind of Cole Slaw. I'm listening to this with half an ear, considering my own selection, when I hear the guy behind the counter say "no Fish"

     Instantly my attention is fully on the transaction. "there's no Fish? I say. "no, there's fish- you want fish tacos?"- well I didn't until I heard that there might be no fish.

     So now I'm confused, but that's OK, because the counter clerk is still trying to figure out why Sam wants cabbage, and sauce, but no tacos- and she wants it in a tray like they use for french fries- and he has no clue how to ring up the final result. So she has confused him, and he has confused me. And together, we all confused his manager- end result, Sam got her Del Taco Cole Slaw, I had chicken soft tacos, and the counter guy had a great story to tell later on...

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