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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Confessions of a Collecting Mind Part 4

From Part 3

  I'd like to call this the modern age of my collecting. In the 1990s, Star Wars Figures began to be released again, in a newer style. I hunted down the first series of these, and the plastic monkey sank his sharp plastic fangs in. I Grabbed occasional Transformers, as they caught my interest.
      I married again, to an amazing person filled with patience and understanding of my quirks and broken places. And when Patience and Understanding don't work, she kicks my butt into line. We worked together, raised pets together, sometimes buried pets together. We moved from an old Victorian style house to what I call "the Burrow".

     In 2007- Michael Bay (love him, hate him, etc.) Directed the Transformers live action movie and suddenly I had new Transformers toys again that I was interested in. My old love affair was reborn anew, and I was agog at the engineering advances in the last few years.

     In 2011, the Crepundia Carta was formed in my household to limit my collection to:

  • What I really want
  • What I really care about
  • What I can take care of
  • What I have space for
  • What I can afford from my Hobby Account
     So here is my Confession, with Grateful thanks to Chuck Barris for lending me a title. I've learned to live with the Plastic Monkey and his wants. I've learned a lot about Moderation, Compromise, and Temperance. I've learned about preserving the things from childhood that matter- the wonder, the discovery, the imagination, and those amazing plastic toys...

My Crown Jewels...


  1. Too much of a need to kick butt lately. Not cool.

  2. Loved the marriage detail. Indeed one of the most important things when having a "strange life" of collecting and burning money :) Congrats!