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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Avengers in the House

     We Purchased Marvels the Avengers at Walmart yesterday. We are scheduled to Podcast and watch it this Sunday, and Sam doesn't think I can hold out. To that end, I have decided to Chronicle my symptoms.
one of these white cars may actually be mine...

     I will be updating this daily until the Packaging gets torn open...

  • Day 1: it's on the shelf- I can see it there, when I look back. It;s right next to Thor, with a little gap in the shelf where Captain America, as yet unwatched, has been removed. It's a little like a lost tooth- it doesn't hurt, but you know there is a gap where it's missing from. Or maybe more like Something stuck between two teeth, and you haven't gone for the floss yet. You know it's there, it's a little uncomfortable, but it's not driving you crazy...yet.
Update 1:
  • Day 2: I know the movie is there- I feel it constantly, and see Loki around the edges of my Vision telling me it's OK to watch some of the movie...everything will be OK...I 'm going to stay strong, and hold out. Still must watch Captain America...
Update 2:
  • Day 3: Still hnads are shaking, I may have a slight fever. I rose this morning from an unquiet sleep filled with Stark Tech and thunder gods to the knowledge that it's still another day off...
Update 3:

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