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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

League Assignment : Star of the show!


     I'm taking up the challenge from the League for this week, (Television executives have determined that you lead an amazing life and have pegged you as the next big reality TV star. What’s the name and the premise of your show?). To be My reality show, it has to reflect my preferred reality.

     Introducing Badgers Plastic Bubble: Real Life in an Unreal World. it would feature me, a blog writer and artist, trying to make sense of those around me and the situations I find myself in by utilizing the sage advice of my Birds and My Plastic Toys- who speak in voices no one else on the show can hear...; Some Examples of good voices would be:

     Whe the show airs on AETV in a half hour timeslot between MeTV  and Monster Cafe, with the exciting Penny Hunter later on, this surefire hit gets tweeted like crazy, inspiring a CBS sitcom- "$#*! my Bird Says". The audience can wonder if I'm actually mentally disturbed or if the voices in my head are real! The truth of course lies somewhere in the middle

Someone messed with my swing- I think they were nihilists
Man, that swing really brought the cage together

So how about we go get some pizza- can we do that? I think that's a great idea


  1. I hate it when my toys try to give me advise..

  2. My Partner/Wife is the inspiration for this- she can explain if so inclined

    1. I like it without even knowing the back story to the idea,It immediately reminded me of the old tv show Herman's head

    2. Wait, hold on here. I know the meaning behind the show name, or I know what was happening in the pictures???

  3. @Brothermidnight - I saw all of 10 minutes of Herman's Head. Wasn't the core concept of it - all his imaginary character in his head responding to his 'real' life situations? Didn't that get remade, in a sense, into Scrubs?

    1. Thats basically it. I liked Herman's head more then scrubs but I can see the comparison .

  4. Awww!! So adorable co-stars, also having action figures as guests is a great idea!

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