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Sunday, November 15, 2015

A Night of Civic Unrest

     Not talking about Paris or anything to do with that. Not that I am ignoring that- we will have events like that as long as people are primitive and violent. It's sad, and humans just need to be better.

     This post is about my moody Honda civic. A few days ago, my rear indicators, which had been weird and intermittent, stopped giving me brake lights.
     I took it in to my mechanic, who determined that the aftermarket tail lights I put on to make the car pretty had a failure in the wiring.

     Enter me, waking at 130 a.m. Saturday morning. And shopping for a fix, or new lenses, or something.
     So they got it sort of working. I have the middle brake light, and turn signals, and tail lights.
      I'm just trying to decide which way is best. New lenses with wiring (about $35) standard lenses with standard wiring (don't ask) or try to replace the converter that failed, which converts a two bulb system to a single bulb for brake and turn.
     And to top it off, I have Sam asking me where my limit is on fixing the car. Where do I say enough is enough?
     I know it's not here, and not now. I just want some tail lights. Fixing this is a civic responsibility

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