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Sunday, August 14, 2016

The Forgotten Autobot

     Of the Autobot Windbreaker, Optimus Prime has said this

     " I Don't wish to stand behind him, but I proudly fight beside him"

Capable of releasing clouds of noxious burnt sienna smoke in his Drive-By attack, Windbreaker can clear a battlefield of both friend and foe in no time at all. In fact, the very beep of his horn can panic many Decepticons.

His jet propulsion can make him reach great speeds, even to the point of breaking the sound barrier, while his commando skills make him Silent, but deadly. Nicknamed "Brown Thunder" by his closest friends, He can burn rubber, drop bombs, and use his flame throwers with the best of them.

     Sadly, he never made it to earth, as the confines of the Ark did not fit his disposition. When the Ark left Cybertron, he formed a Conjunx Endura relationship with a retired Decepticon Seeker named Cropduster. They settled out on the Sea of Rust where no one would complain.

Motto: If you Smelt, it, I dealt it.

and yes, I am a bad, bad man

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