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Sunday, August 21, 2016


     So I saw the movie The Lorax yesterday- I realize this is a little late to be a legitimate review so it isn't.

     I found it to be thoroughly enjoyable, hitting all the right feels, and all the right funnies. the message is as poignant as the message of the original book, although I think very few today would doubt the value of trees. in 1972 when the original book was published we were far less aware of our impact on the environment, and we thought that the Earth would just keep taking care of us forever. We know a little different now.

     The movie expands the books story, giving depth and flesh to it's somewhat one-dimensional characters. The voice casting is ecellent, and it is well acted, well animated. the forest creatures sounded like and behaved somewhat like "minions", and it was by intention, but that was a little jarring.

     The ride of the protagonist, Ted, through the wasted landscape to meet the Once-ler for the first time is spooky and disturbing. I had Sid sitting with me, and he got really worried watching it, calling for Mom. His journey actually echoes the Hero's journey, and in the end he is transformed from a boy trying to impress a girl to a man who willingly faces down the forces that control his city for his own beliefs.

     The books somewhat ambiguous ending becomes a a tale of redemption and forgiveness. with the Once-ler breaking his isolation, walking in the sun and caring for young trees. In the end, he and the Lorax are reconciled, and the animals return.

     The ending reminds me somewhat of Wall-E, and they share many a common theme.

     My rating, I would say see this one. I picked it up for $5 in the Wal-mart cheap DVD bin, and I would say it was an excellent purchase.

And if you don't understand the title of this post... Go see it, or read the book.

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