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Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Coming to Grips with Dinosaur Kills

     One thing has long bothered me about the Lost World:Jurassic Park, and that is the cruel and terrible death of Eddie Carr

     In a previous post, I talked about the first trilogy, and when watching I googled the following: "why did Eddie Carr Die" which led me to this article.

     And I realized something really important.

     There were deaths in every movie in this franchise that I consider unjust. Just as there were many left alive we would prefer dead. For every Dennis Nedry or Dieter Stark, there is a Ray Arnold, or an Eddie Carr- Someone just trying to do the right thing. For That matter, there is Roland Tembo- a villain, or perhaps an anti-hero, but a surviving antagonist

     Jurassic Park as a franchise encompasses Man Vs Nature and Man Vs Science at the same time. John Hammond as a Frankensteinian character is not destroyed directly by his creation, and he never understands why it went wrong(after all, they spared no expense) He is broken by it, or at least I get the impression he is, but never to the point of giving up his dream. The characters who prosper and survive are the ones who either innately respect the animals they are dealing with, or come to respect them. The Dinos don't care if you are a hero, or a villain, they only care if you are tasty and dumb enough to get eaten. Actually... they don't even care about that.

     The point here I guess, and the theme is Charles Darwin at his most impersonal. Whether you are the security guy who is waiting for just this sort of incident for product testing, or the personal assistant unlucky enough to be in charge of two clever kids T-Rex doesn't care- Raptors could give a rat's ass, and Mosasaurus thinks you are just part of the show.

     The Dinos are not here to be your personal furies, They are here to be Dinosaurs- Smart, strong, fast predators. Are you on the menu?

Some other perspectives...

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