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Sunday, October 2, 2016

Captain America Civil War: Aftermath

     I wanted a place to collect all the weird product tie-ins I found for the movie, and there were a few...

this is clearly a "throw pillow"

Iron Man signed the PEZ Accords, but not Cap. 

This is for Back to School. for those sniffly days when you have to start a fight with your best friend

     And finally a ;little story about the product I did buy- the throw (appropriately named) bearing the image of Captain America's shield. Just a nice blanket, you might think, as did I, until it sames Sam from IMMINENT ATTACK. She was in the room with me, and Tango started at her, with Blood in his Eye. And he hit the shield blanket, and stopped...and flexed his claw on the fabric...and rolled on it. Tango loves soft fabrics, he loves to touch them, wrap himself up in them... you get the picture. So with his attack on Sam forgotten in the feel of the Velourbranium* blanket, Sam made her escape. I can't recommend this product highly enough if you find yourself in those circumstances

For more on Sam and Tango and their tortured relationship

*Velourbranium is a rare fabric woven in Wakanda which takes Hostility directed against it and turns it into warm, fuzzy, comfortable feelings. To quote Ultron: "The most versatile fabric on the planet and they used it to make a blanket. Actually, that was a pretty good idea."

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