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Monday, October 10, 2016

Pop Culture League Challenge: Zombies

     We as a culture are fascinated by the dead rising; Vampires, Ghosts, and now Zombies are super-popular; We LOVE Zombies!

     I have seen a lot of the classics- The Evil Dead, Night of the Living Dead, Night of the Comet...

     What I am going to talk about here is my favorites.

      I am basically an optimist. A lot of Zombie fiction ends too hopelessly for my taste- World War Z for instance, the solution was to infect themselves with something the zombies wouldn't feel safe eating. A dark solution in my book.

      IZombie- Liv Moore wakes up and finds she is a zombie- she also finds that if she eats brains, she can keep her intelligence, and she gains the memories and some personality aspects of her meal- You are who you eat, after all. she uses her newfound abilities to fight crime with the Seattle PD. Oh, and you have never seen a more attractive zombie in your life...Watch her on the CW.

     Shaun of the Dead- What I like about this movie is the "comes the moment, comes the man " theme; Shaun is a slacker, loving nothing more than his  video-games and going down the the Winchester pub...until the zombie apocalypse makes him step up to try to save those he loves. Oh, and always remember that when looking for food, supplies, and weapons... the pub should be your first choice. Grab your cricket bat and go to town.

     Fido- This one is a bizarre post-zombie-apocalypse film.- you can prep for your death by making sure you don't come back by cremation or decapitation. there is both implied and actual human-zombie relations of an illicit nature, and a company called Zomcon provides zombie controlling technology so we can use the zombies as household servants...if you haven't seen it, see it.

     And of course Zombieland, with it's rules for survival- this is a more hopeless world than the other three, when all you can do is try to find fellow survivors and maybe, just maybe, the last Twinkies. Really, it's about trying to find ordinary things in an extraordinary world. The little things thatkeep you going- a friend, a loved one, a cream filled sponge cake...

     What it boils down to for me is not the zombies, but that we will survive. Man will adapt, and find a way. And put it on YouTube

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  1. Haven't seen them due to a fear of zombies but from what i've heard from others, those are pretty good choices there.

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  3. Zombieland Rules! Use them in daily life all the time. Cardio!

    Shaun of the Dead - a true classic.