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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Confessions of a Collecting Mind Part 3

     Continued from part 2

  In 1984, Transformers started showing up on afternoon T.V. for the kids getting out of school. This was a golden time for Toy manufacturers, when the regulations restricting promotional content from being placed in Children's shows were considerably eviscerated. We had He-Man, with She-Ra thrown in later. We had G.I.Joe (a Real American Hero). And I had nephews coming over to my parents house to be watched while their mom was working.

     I've always felt like my childhood ended just as the toys were getting really good. So now I could re-experience the toys with my nephews and help entertain them. Together we would replay Star Wars and create new adventures. And something about the Transformers just clicked- here we had a story of Heroic Mechanical Beings battling Tyrranical ones. We had Robots in Disguise, who could change their form to blend in. I collected quite a few- My nephews did too, and we had some good times

     For Perspective, at this point in the narrative, I'm in my third year of high school. Girls are of interest to me, definitely. But I'm looking for girls who share my interests too. I got involved in Fantasy Wargaming as well. I graduated, moved on to college, met a girl, got married, had a child of my own, got divorced, and moved on with my life. My Transformers and Star Wars stuff got packed up, and for a while, there was not a lot of toy collecting going on

and then...came part 4

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