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Sunday, May 25, 2014


     Blitzwing has been shown on these pages before, but around the end of December last year, I decided to buy an upgrade kit to fix the figures sad design flaw

      There is a lot to love about the figure- he's a triple changer, like the original G1 toy-Thumbs up. His transformation is in spots, highly innovative-Thumbs up. He has a face-changing gimmick to pay homage to the Transformers animated incarnation of the character-Thumbs...well, sideways, for me.

     Where he falls apart, almost literally, is the soft plastic where his shoulders peg into his torso. even if you peg it in absolutely right, any movement of his shoulders/arms/turret is likely to pop it out and leave his arm catty-wampus(a word which has little to do with either cats or wampas, it turns out)

     Fixes for this have involved everything from adding extra plastic to the figure

 to disassembling him and sanding down inside his torso


     Enter the upgrade kit- it contains a new head, a bigger gun, missile pods and two clips which give the shoulders some needed stiffening. the clips are not ideal as a solution, since they must be removed and clipped onto the gun when transforming him, but they do add a lot to a figure that parts of me hate to love

here is a video review(not mine) of the set

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