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Monday, May 19, 2014

Learning to be Thicker Skinned

per the transformers Wiki: "Cheetor was on the mark when he said that Rhinox was the best of them. He's a Renaissance Bot. Intelligent, massive, strong, and stalwart, there are few Maximals one could depend on more. Rhinox is of a rare breed — he's incredibly tech savvy, but mystically-inclined... without coming off as a burnt-out technohippie. He's quick and decisive in a crisis, with spectacular results, but is slow and steady. He loves to sniff the flowers. A behind-the-scenes charismatic and an on-his-feet strategist, he could lead the Maximals if he wanted to, but he doesn't."

     Seems like a lot of my posts lately start with "I never had this character...yadda yadda" which I consider a testament to how successful the Thrilling 30th line has been so far. it has brought me updated versions of loved characters, like Skids and also given me new favorites such as Scoop, Whirl, and Waspinator . Overall, the 30th anniversary collection may be my favorite line after Masterpieces

     Rhinox is one of those I exercised my world-changing powers on to get him into the stores by buying him from Hasbro Toy Shop, except here is the twist ending...

There was a sale, I think for Easter- a promo code and free shipping that made this Stalwart warrior cheaper shipped than if I had gone to Walmart and picked him off the shelves- All told...about 17.99 shipped. So Hasbro gave it to Fedex, Fedex gave it to USPS, and USPS brought to to my lair, packed in it's own little box

so that I could take these pics for you

He's very cool, Gold and Green, and Gray, and makes a cool looking Rhino as well as a very cool robot

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