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Monday, May 26, 2014


    Back in the day(what day? any day in 1984/85 I suppose) I had one dinobot. I think my nephews had Grimlock and Slag, possibly Snarl, but I had Swoop

     Swoop turned from a Pteranadon to a robot, and was armed with Swords and Missile Launchers. His function was an aerial bomber. I still get sentimental breaking out that old toy. Despite it's primitive articulation, there is some surprisingly good engineering there

But I love me some engineering, some articulation, and I love a good update. The next Swoop I saw that I liked was the Transformers: Animated iteration; the aesthetic for TFA is very anime, exaggerated, lean and sleek or bulky. This Swoop fits that bill beautifully, but falls short for me on a G1 level

Which brings me to the Third Party piece, Caelus, by Planet X. This is the first piece I have picked up by this Company, and I have to say their engineering is sophisticated- while he follows the transformation of the G1 Swoop mostly, there are some twists that show some serious planning

His aesthetic is more based around the Fall of Cybertron game, so he's not perfect G1 for me, but he comes closer than TFA Swoop. I like him a lot


  1. I was taking pictures of my animated swoop just today. Iv never seen the PlanetX one before he looks a little on the chunky side.

    1. Good to see you active again, my friend- yep, he is built, but he is SOLID