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Monday, May 12, 2014

Crafty Little Toys

      This is not the first time I have brought up Minecraft, and I doubt it will be the final one.

      You know I love toys-not a secret, either my love or your knowing of my love, or my knowing of your get the 1000 words.

      Among the many Minecraft related items for sale are the toys. Three inch figures with every point of articulation you will see in the game world. I picked up a couple of these from the first series, but it appears to be series #2 that will make this line stand out

Minecraft is all about using resources to make your life in the game easier, and to make items to make better items. it's about evolution, and technology, and industrialism. you cut the trees, (but you sow their seeds to grow new trees) you break the stone blocks and dirt blocks to make your home, and to mine deep within the earth and find iron, coal and rarer elements

One thing that is ver cool about these toys is most of them come with a resource block. Now it's not all just mining peacefully. Things will KILL YOU

However, if you can kill them...some of them provide more resources such as gunpowder and TNT

I'm TNT, I'm Dynamite!

So far, all series 1-pretty cool huh?

Series 2 launched(for me) with the Passive and Tamable animal mobs
Pig, Sheep, Cow

Ocelot and Wolf can become (respectively) Cat and Dog

But the piece that did it for me was the chicken. The Chicken was the first animal I ever tamed/fed in Minecraft, and it's the only bird. I saw the chicken in that package and I had to have it


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