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Monday, May 5, 2014

Now Getting Back into the Whirl of Things

      You may have seen him at the would not had I not ordered him from (you're Welcome). It is my gift and my curse that I can make toys appear in the retail stores by getting impatient and ordering them online. so I ordered Whirl along with Mara Jade from HTS and he is a trip.

     This is a character I never had in the old days, never really had an affinity for, never knew because he was not in those three sacred years of G1 cartoon. and then I saw him in IDW spotlight Trailcutter, the comic that came with this toy.

     and he is disturbing, abrasive, and possibly a psychopath(or programmed to imitate one). And I loved him

so without further adieu Ado, here are the pics you have been waiting for

the light box is courtesy of my roommate, and is a work in progress

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