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Sunday, May 11, 2014

League Assignment: You Don't Know Jack

 He is a mystery, wrapped within an enigma,wrapped within a metal shell. Is he as some believe, a mad inventor, a latter day Spark with a Spark of his own? both a victor through, and a victim of his own science? His is the first autobot form we see in 1984, even before that of Bumblebee. His hands are those that built the Dinobots, as well as countless other inventions to help and sometimes hinder the autobot cause

Dude- that is MY altmode
But there is a darker side to the goofy inventor...a Wrecker, a tormented loner. A bot who chafes under authority, and breaks the chain of command. And his only inventiveness revolves around where to plant grenades for the most impact. or where to plant his blades to cleave metal from circuit

How do we reconcile the two sides of this bot? Merge the happy-go-lucky nerd with the sneer on the scarred lips behind the battlemask?

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