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Friday, November 28, 2014

Black Friday 2014

     I did this last year, so I'm going to make a tradition of it. My post thanksgiving report

     So first, bear with my while I bore you by crowing about my dinner. This year was my first year cooking the turkey- Sam backstopped me and gave assistance, but I did the heavy lifting, chose seasonings, and kept "abreast" of it cooking. I guaranteed it would come out of the oven warmer than it started because...physics. What I could not guarantee is that it would come out edible, or non-toxic.

     But it came out tender, moist, and Deeelicious. And as of this writing, apparently non-toxic(despite what my sister the vegetarian might think); I had some, Sam had some, Tango had some. It was accompanied by carrot and cranberry salad, Pillsbury biscuits (from the cardboard tube!) (which Sid got some of)pumpkin pie (Tango and Wallace got some), and martinellis sparkling apple cider. The one error was in my preparation of the gravy packet that came with the turkey- I heated it in a pan, but what I should have done was toss it in the kitchen wastebasket and possibly set fire to it. No worries, I will remember that for next year as a serving suggestion. It was a mellow evening, and Sam and I watched Godzilla

     Now on to the categorized Swag

SURGICAL STRIKE: all from, and shipped today, leaving me far from the madding crowds

Red and Red2 at Target, $5 apiece

COINCIDENTAL ARRIVALS: showed up weds- pics to come

Of note: 11/27/14 was Tangos third bird-day(based upon best calculations to his hatching date)- my baby continues to get smarter and sometimes brattier

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