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Thursday, November 20, 2014

Follow-Up to Winters Sounds-Furnace Room Lullaby

     As I posted here, we had some November furnace trouble, and I spent part of the morning working with my landlord to resolve it, both for my warmth and the warmth of the dwellers above (which sounds way cooler than "my upstairs neighbors")

This is "Furnace Room Lullaby" by Neko Case and her Boyfriends. this sounds almost exactly entirely unlike the sound of pipes banging and rattling due to air pressure where water should be.

     On the other hand...the scene in a war movie where the submarine has burst pipes and there is water pouring into the engine looked a lot like that when the boiler let off pressure (it can hold up to 35 P.S.I.)

     So I managed to get steamed, sprayed, lay in water, hold a hose with water at 180 degrees (f) + in it as we watched to make sure the line was free of bubbles; the upshot for now? We have heat

    and what I learned was this:

Tiny Bubbles
In the Pipes
Make the Pipes Rattle
Make you Feel Gripes
Tiny Bubbles
Keep the Pipes from wa-a-arming
(sorry- all I came up with)
but here is Don Ho with the Original

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