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Sunday, November 23, 2014

Dr Wu and the Cybertronian Arms Race

     Ok first- this will not just be Dr Wu- there are several really good Arms Suppliers to the transformers toys- what this post is about is buying toys for your toys: buying collectibles to enhance your other collectibles.

    I Could (but won't) Meticulously track my purchasing history on these items. I know that the very first transformer add-on I bought was to reach out and get my generations Kup an IDW comics accurate head
this is the non-smoking head- I found that the transformation
Broke the Cy-gar on the other head, so it was fixed and put away

     I purchased a Cartoon Accurate gun for Transformers Prime Powerizer Optimus Prime, based upon the gun that came with FE Optimus
Prime characters generally have their weapons built into their
arms so this covers his hand

Rainstorm for Generations Springer

     And BLADES! Blades galore of many shapes and sizes

UFO blades for Optimus Prime ROTF or DOTM leader

     Cybertronian War Axe by Corbot V(modeled by Toyworlds "Orion")

the Sky-Breaker- Dr Wu's ode to the Star Saber of TF Prime

This wonderful piece comes in a variety of colors
from silver metallic to far more exotic
Primes first action with this weapon in the Anime was to
cleave a mountain in half

Heavy Gear- the Forge of Solus Prime and a big gun for TF Prime UltraMagnus
love the way the forge caught the light

Courageous- Guns and blades for TF Prime FE Arcee
usually with Arcee it is either blades or guns,
not both at the same time

SXS A-03 add-ons for Generations Blitzwing- Head, gun, missiles, and shoulder fixer-uppers

Cavalier- the Sword from Age of Extinction

and yep, I bought it for MP10 Optimus Prime and he looks great with it

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