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Sunday, June 21, 2015

Jurassic Meditation

By now we all know by processby now we on my process. Revenge on what came before oh wow yeah that's not good looks like I'm going to need to type this one out

     Ok. The above was interesting but I either need to speak more clearer to my tablet or be prepared for something... erratic to emerge. Lets start again.

     By now you know my process. When I plan to see a sequel/remake/related item, I immerse myself, I binge. This week I went to the park three times before I went out to see the world.

     First and foremost, the first Jurassic Park was a miracle of effects for it's time, and in my estimation, is still awesome. The only telling issue is that you can look at it and see it's not the digital quality film we expect now. It looks grainy, not a big deal. The original magic, horror, and suspense is still intact, like a perfect, unhatched dinosaur egg, filled with potential to be anything.  And dinosaurs get loose, eat the park staff. But they Spared no expense

      The Lost World gave us Isla Sorno, more dinosaurs, and a young, skinny, action-hero Vince Vaughn. John Hammond, the originator of the park has lost control of most of InGen, and is trying to garner public support to keep site B out of the hands of his nephew(who wants to plunder it). He manipulates Ian Malcolm to lead a mission there. And T-Rex gets loose, eats Los Angeles. And compys eat Peter Stormare as a Smörgåsbord

     Jurassic Park III is back on Isla Sorno, this time with Alan Grant, manipulated into helping to search for a missing boy. For most of us, this was the first time we ever saw 3d printing, as they have a model of a velociraptor voice box that saves the day.

     I'm gonna pause to say that if velociraptors, as the movie posits, have sophisticated communication skills, Alan using the model to make noises at them is the equivalent of me "cawing" back at a crow, or running up to you and screaming random words as they occur to me. Confusing, not very enlightening. The Raptors were looking at each other like "did he really just say 'cowardly-jumpy-size-ruthless-thrill'??" they take back their eggs, and are careful not to make eye contact with the crazy thing screaming out gibberish

Anyway, pterodactyls get loose, fly off to make more pterodactyls. And Ellie Sattler sends in the Marines

I'm not going to spoiler Jurassic World. It was lots of fun, well worth seeing. From it I learned velociraptors can be click trained. And 3 inch heels are fit jungle wear.

     I guess what all the movies leave deliberately vague, or for you to decide, is...

     Are these really dinosaurs, or are they mutated birds?

It's clear from movie one that gaps in the DNA were filled in with frog DNA. And that the DNA was inserted into ostrich embryos to grow dinosaurs. It's further brought out that they are made to look how people want them to, to boost attendance.

     So at the very bottom, any behavior we see could be instinctive to the dinosaurs genetic template, OR it could be from the bird embryo it's mixed in with, or mix&match the above.

     I'm inclined to believe that the traits that made dinosaurs successful(with a track record of millions of years) are the traits that make birds successful now. Nurturing their young, adaptability, intelligence, pragmatism, curiosity, cooperation. These are among the traits that made these last dinosaurs last.

"Dr. Ian Malcolm: God creates dinosaurs. God destroys dinosaurs. God creates man. Man destroys God. Man creates dinosaurs...

Dr. Ellie Sattler: Dinosaurs eat man. Woman inherits the earth... "

And for fun

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