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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Terrible, Terrible Lies About Cockatoos

     The Name "Cockatoo" comes from the name french explorers gave to the bird, "Coq Au Deux" or "Second Chicken"

     Taxonomy: they generally do not file returns(this is actually true)

     The female Cockatoo is more properly termed a "Henatoo" not a Hentai- that is waaay different and involves tentacles and schoolgirls

     The Coloration of the Cockatoo indicates that it is originally an arctic creature. Like the polar bear, they have black skin with a white coat. My carefully researched information indicates that the Cockatoo migrated south in prehistoric times because A) it was cold up there and B) they were looking for humans to provide snuggles.

     In the Olympics from 1896-1924 Australian Gymnasts would toss a Cockatoo from hand to hand rather than using chalk to improve their grip.

this post is dedicated to Sid, roommate of my roommate who dances wildly to "Crazy Loop" and loves it when I sing "For Those About to Flock (We Salute 'Too)" and "I Know It's Only Cockatoo But I Like It"

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