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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

.....and now I'm on the Skids

     I have extremely cool memories about the character. I had no idea who he was, I was looking for Tracks, I did some calling around, and my sister took me to some rinky-dink hardware/general store in some little town outside Denver to find him, but it was not Tracks- it was Skids (both blue...see?). I decided to get him anyway, and he turned out to be a very cool little toy. he never got much love on the TV series, did better in the comics, got thoroughly abused in ROTF

I have not read the IDW comics- I probably should- from what I have seen, they have good story

and they are giving us some really good toys right now

from G1 to Alternator, to ROTF, to DOTM to IDW Generations overview
the very same toy bought in that little store. I remember the store as gray.
My sisters husband actually got me Tracks from a place called
Service Merchandise. that store is gone, he has passed away,
and my G1 tracks disappeared, leaving...Skids

the Alternator line had good and bad-they went for high car accuracy

Which Sometimes left the robot mode a little flat

Michael Bay may have Abused my childhood a little here.
Actually, hand to Primus, I love the transformation on ROTF Skids,
but I just wish he had a less comical head

IDW Skids looks a little less than amused.
He may in fact be about to shoot bayformer Skids in the face
the face on IDW Skids is Hawk-nosed and lean, ascetic looking. he is supposed to be
a master tactician, and his tactic appears to be not to bring a huge fist to a gunfight

Where I began and where I am going....until Takara puts out Masterpiece Skids


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