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Thursday, August 23, 2012

11 months in the making...

     Last September, I ordered a third party transforming toy from a company called Igear. I had ordered from them before, an alternate head for Sergeant Kup ,but this was an ambitious new project, the PP05 Weapons Specialist (which anyone who watched the Generation 1 Transformers Cartoon would recognize as Ironhide)

   The initial release date was December, and that date kept moving, 2 months at a time, due to factory issues, until finally I was informed via email that all orders would ship before 8/10/2012. Yesterday, mine hit the PO box. Voyager Sized with like 9 million accessories, he was totally worth the wait

Comparison with Classics Ironhide and Movie Ironhide, Robot mode; PP05 is center

Comparison with Classics Ironhide and Movie Ironhide, Vehicle Mode

Comparison with MP10, masterpiece Optimus Prime, Vehicle Mode

Comparison with MP10 Masterpiece Optimus Prime, Robot Mode, with Big Damn Guns

Worth Waiting for- For Pictures of PP05M, the Medical Specialist(Ratchet) Visit this Page at Pax Cybertron


1 comment:

  1. Excellent! I'm posting my review as we speak, lots of pictures to get through.

    He was totally worth the wait!