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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Luminaria in Potentia

     Somewhere in our house is a short that will occasionally knock out power to my office. Our landlord is trying to locate and resolve the issue, but as it stands right now...

     The least thing can turn off the power in half the house. So I am currently hooked up to an extension cord, which runs to another room, which powers my surge protector, which powers my modem, router, and other surge protector, which powers my PC and monitor, which powers the house that Jack Built. Our neighbors upstairs may have found the short, a wall socket, but for the moment we live on a razor's edge of "don't flip that switch!" so we don't brown out the house again.

     So it's like this. we have lights and power in half the house, just as long as we don't actually try to use them. Flip one switch wrong, and it's electrical Jenga, and we just pulled the wrong piece- and that leads to a half hour of flipping combos of breakers and praying to the spirits of Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Edison and Nicola Tesla for their blessings

     Thinking about moving the entire operation over to eel power; Bioelectrogenesis is the future(or steam power). Pikachu, I don't choose you per se but I'm willing to let you give it the college try.

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