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Tuesday, August 28, 2012

We're Gonna Need a Bigger Grill

     I have never given any thought to the quality of fire on a barbecue grill and how the size of the lighter actually affects it. I had always assumed that if the lighter generated Prometheus' Gift to man that the coals would catch, and food would cook

     Clearly I could not have been more wrong. It appears that a barbecue lighter shaped like a Shotgun, an M-16, a fishing pole, an Arrow, is needed for a truly quality flame, and other flames are somehow lesser.

     And then I came upon this:
     For Professional Barbecue Chefs only- the Big Dog Lighter- I'm not finding any info on it online, just a bunch of pages where it was sold, but is no longer. Wal-Mart, however,  had a big challenging display. This lighter is about the size of a dustbuster, and I just know it will make me a better cook just by having it...

the display- madness invoking, isn't it?

and a comparison to the badgers not-exactly-small mitts

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