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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Literary Talk with a Cyborg Father

     Spent some time today Talking Louis L'Amour with my father- it amazed me that I could rattle off a couple of details from the short stories of The Frontier Stories Volume 1 and he could give me the plot of the whole thing-. Of course that is not much different from my own capacity for details and memory for quotes. I got the loan of Hondo, which is a novelisation/expansion of one of the stories in the book, Last of the Breed, and The Frontier Stories Volume 7

     But it is not Dads capacity for memory on these stories to which I allude his Cyborg-iness. it is the Device

     Some time ago, My Dad, already a pretty mean hand with a PC, was given an IPad. while he does not carry it low slung in a holster, gunslinger-style, it is not often far from his hand. And not far from his hand was its location this afternoon.

     Sometime in the discussion rolled around to the weather. I remarked that according to Weather Underground, the max teperature today was 91 degrees.

     Dad: "I think you're wrong"
     Me: "well, I put it in for my location, Lakewood- could be different where you are"
     Dad:(looking on the IPad) "...91"

     We went back to discussing westerns

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