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Sunday, August 19, 2012

My Bird Makes Me Look Like an Idiot

     He talks -a lot- to me. Right in my ear, within sight of Sam.

     So I ask her, "did you hear that?"...nothing. she didn't hear him say (distinctly) "what's up?". She hasn't heard him make his gurgling noise to ask for water from the faucet. She hasn't seen him make his zip sound on the sheet.

     So I fear that I come off sounding like I'm hearing voices. And the next step is for him to start telling me to do...terrible things. I am Son of Parrot.

     To be fair, I've not heard some of the things she has heard from Tango, either. And I didn't hear anything from Aldo until I got used to her soft voice.

     But I can't shake the feeling on some level as I look into his innocent questioning face- The face that says to me "what? I don't talk. why would you ask that of me?" every time I ask him to say "what's up?" to Sam- I can't shake the feeling that somewhere in his complex little birdie mind, he is having a huge laugh at me.

    Conure Humor- What would we do without it?


  1. He is. And you wouldn't be half as happy if he didn't play these mind games on you. You are, after all, only Tango Baby.

  2. You do realize that most animals are inherently evil, and their goal is to take over the human world, making us there human slaves. You know, hand feeding them their food of choice, giving them scratchies on command, or even destroying their enemies with our mighty opposable thumbs of justice. It's only a matter of time...