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Saturday, August 4, 2012

Box of Garage Sale Books

     We bought a box of books at a garage sale for $5, went through it and kept the ones we were interested in. I was primarily interested in about 12 old Doc Savage books, as I am interested in the old Pulps. I had read a book a while back called The Chinatown Death Cloud Peril by Paul Malmont, which was fantastic, and piqued my interest

     what I was not expecting though, was to really enjoy a couple of John D. MacDonald books that were in there. I started A Flash of Green, it didn't catch me, didn't like the characters. Just couldn't feel them. Then I read The Green Ripper, and Cinnamon Skin, and was amazed at the eloquence of some of the passages.

     I remember my Dad having some of his books, they all had a color in the title (at least the Travis McGee ones do) but I was never that interested in picking them up.

    Now...well, I'm not going to rush out in a mad quest to find them all in first edition hardback, but if I saw them in a used book store, I might pick up more. He's worth a read.

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