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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Fifty Shades Darker Green

More Conure Adventures

  • The Hopeful Bird- he sits at one particular corner of his cage, waiting patiently for the moment the door opens and he can Cry Havoc(and let slip the parrot of war)
  • the Wretched Bird- we put up a little fleece hammock in his cage for him to sleep in, we thought. It is actually just a prop to his personal Drama. When he is very bored or at any time he feels that he has been completely abandoned (such as 10 minutes after he has last seen a hooman) he will sit and mope in the hammock
  • Ultimate Conure Pillow Fort- This is new- he got down behind the pillows on the bed with just his tail sticking out. so I figured I would sneak up on him, under the pillow. Nope, he was entrenched and ready. No ambushing him; this is an advanced version of The Tunnel Rat, as listed here
  • The Delaying Tactic- We are in the process of teaching Tango to fly(so when his primary feathers grow in, he will have the confidence to use them). When I ask him to fly to daddy from off of his cage, he will suddenly come up with several urgent errands he needs to look into on other parts of his cage, such as "be right with you, man, I just need to get this...empty sunflower seed shell picked up"
  • Conure Competitive Solitaire- See here
  • Thread-Count Test- See here
  • The Green Mile- See here

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